Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pet Stories

:: tara with moon kitty ::
Sarah gets a fair amount of airplay in my blogs, for a dog anyway, what with her being an honorary Wanderer 'n all, like Shomar (and Keiko). Moon Kitty is much lower profile. Plus the fish stay in soft focus. Naga is getting bigger, enjoying her calm world (some kind of punctuated equilibrium).

Moon Kitty is a jet black feline, very much an indoor cat. She'd get in trouble when we let her stray. Some cats just don't handle themselves well, in the wilds of Richmond / Sunnyside.

Alexia had Moon Kitty, along with BunBun, the vicious rabbit, before leaving for sunnier climes. Now she has one of those mutant sphinxoid cuties with auto-immune disorders. They're more circus geek kitties, not mainstream, but Alexia is experienced with cats in general, so has developed a good working relationship with her sphynx.

What triggers all this? I was just cleaning the cat box, a product of American pragmatism. An electric poop scraper periodically (at random?) sweeps the base clean. Moon Kitty just has to jump out of the way in case of a scheduling conflict. Works pretty well, provided one occasionally resupplies plastic waste receptacles.

:: alexia with bunbun ::