Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Letter to Terry (Wanderers Business)

Republished from the wwwanderers archives -- same date as today...

For the record, my main problem with doing a lot of global warming in this archive is it's also happening on so many other lists and I'm always focusing on branding. We might lose our identity if we get lost in local (North American) politics. Morons R Us in that case.

To Terry's credit, he links it in to a big world view type discussion, lots of Kuhn, lots of Carnot. But I don't see those names and/or readings sparking many citations to the literature. A lot of us here are not as scholarly as Terry.

I am though, coming from a way cool school (not like Cal Tech, but still proud), and from philosophy in particular. I like meeting Terry where he's at, as best as I'm able. But doing so at the cost of talking global warming is risky, for the reasons cited above.

Terry, might we shift your entire set of concerns to a different arena? Artificial Intelligence (AI) versus the Roger Penrose model of ratiocination? I know we're both Neo-Platonists of some variety.

In any case, I personally plan to ride out the upcoming electoral storms on a more esoteric plane than global warming, pro or con. I only listen to Dutch engineers on the subject of global warming (no one else has as much standing in my global model).

Whoopi Goldberg for president!