Monday, July 23, 2007

A Taste of Haskell

Getting my money's worth on the TriMet day pass, I used my lunch break to train and drive home in order to swap laptops, give Sarah a pee break. Tara phoned from the road, already north of Olympia.

A Taste of Haskell
is happening right next to a presentation on the X01 interface, Sugar, which I'm really curious about. So I sample both. The Haskell talk is packed, so I start along the wall, moving to a desk at the break. There's no floor outlet here, and battery power is low [no wait, here's a crew now, adding a new power strip; I have power]. Our trainer, Simon Peyton-Jones, is one of the leading lights of the entire Haskell effort.

Haskell's module and package system is quite similar to Python's...

Jet lag + Haskell source code = a rising tide of unconsciousness. The learning curve is pretty steep.