Monday, July 16, 2007

Family Guy

Actually it's American Dad we're watching at the moment, Tara and I, v1s2. Weird stuff, often funny though.

So I made it back, on a big SAS jet out of C39 from Copenhagen. Something of a zoo, but with a lot of the animals wanting to stay, on the airline's tab. SAS, in partnership with some others, manages to not waste a single seat. It's quite the jigsaw puzzle.

Anyway, I needed to be home, and the WLSI got me here, to Seattle, thence to a small plane called a Brasilia for the last hop to PDX, with beautiful views of Mt. Rainer, St. Helens (post eruption, tiny new cone), Crown Point in the Columbia Gorge (Kathy was cute too, SkyWest out of Utah right?).

Derek chauffeured both mom and Tara out to meet me. The bag transferred uneventfully, though we were briefly rejoined through SeaTac customs.

I watched most of Blades of Glory (a skippy start -- I like the "down camera" view, ice there too), The Last Mimzy (very multicultural -- Close Encounters meets Little Buddha plus some other stuff), an episode of the American version of The Office. I'm quite bad with the games (especially mini-golf).

Oh, and Number 23. Jim Carrey does an interesting blend of comedy and "life of the [twisted] mind" films. This movie is quite explicit about its genre, close ups of the underground comic book covers (detective, film noir -- alluded to in Roger Rabbit, a gateway to ToonTown).

And a part of a Chinese romance, featuring an older couple, the woman making it a secret behind some lie, connecting her to pet cemetery memes (dead cat). This one was interrupted by the jet needing to land or something like that.

Anyway, you can tell it was a long flight, over Thule, Great Slave Lake, places like that.

Tara liked the Concentric Dolls, fancy small version (blue theme), nine within one. Somewhat disturbing Lithuanian humor: Concentric Sponge Bobs.