Thursday, December 28, 2006

Lunch Near Pauling House

:: pauling house ::
Tara and I discussed the latest Bond movie some more, over Thai curry and tea. She was impressed that the two thugs molesting the villain's girlfriend would notice Bond's earpiece as they passed him in the hallway, which reminded me of his partner's earlier obvious ear fingering.

Both times, being too obvious with the ears nearly cost Bond his job. Both times, he was able to compensate, thanks to earlier training.

The tan leather jacket has gone missing, while another, black, Tara's size, came and went. Dawn's (also black) is still in good condition, hangs in our closet. I briefly had fantasies of the three of us (Carol and Julie have returned to LA), looking like the Biker Family for our holiday letter. Not this year.

Tonight, we'll be celebrating Mike Hagmeier's birthday again, per tradition. He's been more active in Wanderers lately, but during times I've been absent, in either Florida, New Mexico or closer to Canada.

This afternoon, we're celebrating Greg's and Yulia's getting together last October, in a matrimonial manner. Greg mostly lives in Russia these days, is the son of Chris & Larry.

The math talk has been interesting of late (to me at least), delving both into theoretical stuff around limits, a calculus topic, and into an application of casino math, as applied to anti-racism.

:: yulia & greg ::