Saturday, December 23, 2006

Homeward Bound

:: souvenir t-shirt ::
We're back in the same Albuquerque hotel room where we started (a Holiday Inn near the airport with free wireless), watching the Biography Channel. So many unfamiliar frequencies (channels) we don't get at home.

So am I the last semi media savvy guy on Spaceship Earth to know Angelina Jolie is the daughter of actor John Voight and an Iroquois princess (Marcheline Bertrand)? Like Princess Di, she took on the landmine issue. Lara Croft cross references: OSCON Day 2, An Adventure, Peer Group Networking.


The TSA guy said he liked my shirt (above), as he patted me down. Homeland Security says we're on orange today.

The Indian Pueblo Culture Center on 12th, just off I-40, is a peaceful place, as I commented in the guest book. A proud dad of the Laguna Pueblo introduced his family of dancers (2 older boys, a 14 year old girl, a younger girl in training), then sang and drummed, while his kids demonstrated growing mastery of ancient ways.

:: eagle dance ::