Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Surfing in Lower East

I paid rent for Portland Knowledge Lab again, and checked for free Metro Wifi. I'm starting to believe in a conspiracy to keep ActivSpace people inside a for-pay private bubble.

Divesting of the ActivSpace property is starting to look like a good idea. I'll give it one more month.

Just a few blocks away, however, are beer and peanuts, and a free Personal Telco node. Back to civilization. There's even a surfboard hanging from the ceiling, reminding us of the freedom of the open (public) waves.

Yes, I'm at Lucky Lab.

The newest Willamette Week is out (it's a Wednesday), with its stories of local rogues. This week's Rogue of the Week (page 8) pits "the left" against itself, over some computer illiterate political campaign reform measures (46 & 47).

I can't say I much care.

Until we get those Smallville type ecovillages, with open source democracy being honestly and experimentally tried, partially automated in Python or whatever, and shared on Reality TV, we'll be condemned to live in this barely functional pseudo intellectual squalordom, dominated by a pseudo left versus a pseudo right (i.e. phony to the core).

People will keep thinking like politicians, instead of more like engineers.

The cover story, however, is about Roosevelt High...

Although called a "public high school," its curriculum fails to propagate our best American Heritage. No A & B modules, no octet truss by Alexander Graham Bell. Not a grooming ground for virtual presidents in other words.

... So, just another Company slave ship, masquerading as the real deal.