Friday, October 13, 2006

A Day for Prayer

:: prayer flags ::
October 13, and Friday in particular, is a family calendar date for remembering my dad, who died suddenly on this day in the year 2000. Carol, my mom, was seriously injured.

I flew out to be with mom and make arrangements for dad in Bloem and Maseru, receiving much logistical and emotional support from our network. My sister Julie took over and helped mom through her weeks of recovery, flying back with her to America (I met their plane in Atlanta).

:: prayer flag store ::
I fired up an altar in the garage, purchased new prayer flags (Wind Horse teachings), plus worked out in the gym.

I think Dad would have approved of what was on the flatscreens today: some World Paintball Tournament, today featuring the Russian Legion (real Russians!) versus the LA Snakes. I'm pretty sure both teams were coed though it's hard to tell through those fancy uniforms with helmets and everything. Looked like fun, plus they had giant stuffed tetrahedrons to hide behind, among other obstacles.

:: simple altar ::
I also spent some of my day manning my gnu math workstation. I still don't have a lot of agreement that gnu math exists, but I feel at least some have enrolled in the possibility they might teach it one day. I help them bone up and rehearse, while waiting in the wings, between intervals where I "strut and puff my hour upon the stage" (faux Shakespeare I think (the real McCoy is free in Central Park, but the ticket lines get long)).

Coffee with Derek at Powell's Books on Hawthorne. Shopping at Trader Joe's. Dinner with Gayle (David's ex) and the Braithwaites.

Gayle helped me get a cheap ticket to South Africa in 2000, after we found out about the accident. Plus Eugene, also a Friend, offered to accompany me, which took courage, but I chose to go alone, having been twice before in happier circumstances.