Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Bruce Adams Presents...

robotic wafer processor from Bruce's slides
Our Wanderers gathering this morning focused on Bruce's work on a diode laser technique for flash-annealing silicon circuits.

The ion-injected dopants disrupt the local lattice. Thermal treatment restores it, but if cooked too long, the dopants diffuse, ruining the junction.

As Moore's Law has continued to push the number of transistors on a wafer, the layering dimension (Z axis) has become critical. Multi-hour lamp-driven baking techniques don't work at these smaller scales, nor is multi-second rapid thermal processing (RTP) fast enough at these smaller scales either.

R&D groups are exploring various solutions, Bruce's being one of them.

Jim Buxton is looking forward to the Libya trip (eclipse viewing). I found it encouraging that Myanmar and Zimbabwe are picking up the slack on the official enemies list these days (referring to last night's State of the Union Address). Libya is a new friend.

Gordon Hoffman joined us today, offering his unique perspective as a long haul Silicon Forester.