Tuesday, January 03, 2006

More Music Millenium Notes

So I taught @ Winterhaven this AM, wandered home up Division, stopping to coffee up, use wireless (more words to math-teach, with lots of English (spin, see 5a)), eat salad.

Now I'm using my surround sound to blast Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty. In my mind's eye, I'm watching polyhedra on 3D IMAX, with the trumpet chorus for soundtrack. This track is also used in Good Will Hunting, so I sense a comingling of beautiful minds here (not just Bucky's).

Note: I couldn't think of the name of this (very popular) song, so started with "most played" songs on the radio, worked my way through candidates, using the iTunes free sampler (you only pay if you want the whole song).

So how's that for computer skills? Helps compensate for my abysmal knowledge of the pop music scene, though thanks to Paul Allen's museum, I now better appreciate the true artistry of Britney Spears ("on the moon baby!" -- my Austin Powers impersonation (um, it was Mars actually)) -- and of the role of the Pacific Northwest in making it all happen. And of hip-hop: tagging, bboying, DJing and MCing.