Friday, October 29, 2004

Busy Day

Caught Terry's (Fresh Air) interview with Josh Rushing, the CENTCOM guy from Control Room. Good Marine. I'd say he has already contributed to bridging the communication gap vis-a-vis Palestine. I thought so when I saw the movie, but his willingness this afternoon to venture into civilian radio space with his heart-felt concerns was indeed refreshing and took real courage.

Met with an HPD (Hillsboro police) officer and an Intel security guy around the issue of how to build a basketball court in cyberspace, by which I mean, a fun, engaging space where youth and police have a chance to work out together, building rapport rather than animosity.

That's a sort of Norman Rockwell picture I realize (a real experience for some youth), but converging it with computers and open source sort of ain't (is a bit more surreal I'd have to say -- not necessarily a bad thing).

Jerritt Collord and I co-taught Adventures in Open Source at this police facility this June. I think we developed useful content, but the outreach and presentation techniques need to be fine tuned. The police should get more credit for this good faith effort.

Other meetings today as well. Still didn't have time to courier the Needs Assessment to MMT but that's OK as wheels are turning. Did manage some domestic fun, such as preparing the pumpkin for carving and watching a Japanese cartoon on DVD. That was at the top of my list today. I'm not interested in being a workaholic if that means no family life. Of course many knowledge workers feel the same way (and troops, all sides).