Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Adventures in Radio Land

So I've been collaborating on radio programming of late.

One project was this sound collage piece, a voice track mixed with other tracks. Brian, an experimental composer, edited my rap into his sampler for KBOO, a local FM station. I was able to hear myself on the air about 36 hours after laying the voice track with my counterpart, M. Sunanda, avatar from 21st Century hippie-dom. Program: Night of the Living Tongue, October 7, 2004.

Another recording project, same counterpart, happened today: a much more intensive 1.5 hour interview with a webcasting station out of Chicago. I'll post a link once the show appears in the archives. Our topic: Great Pirates (a crowd pleaser sure, but also a legitimate topic of discussion, thanks to Dr. Fuller and his astute writings on the subject).

John Edwards is in town to watch and cheer for Captain Kerry on TV tonight. I'll be taping the show, as I've got a Python meeting. When the chief architect of PythonCard is willing to share code and wisdom, I don't just sit on my butt watching politicians duke it out.