Friday, October 02, 2015

Some Quaker History

Connecting Hicksite with Hume

a letter to the editor linking Hicksites to Hume (source)

I drank my morning coffee, a combo of Seattles Best and Dunkin Donuts i.e. leftovers (both good quality, just I wanted my allotted twelve cups -- some saved to the fridge), while reading The Atlantic.

David Koski had found that recent article by a Professor of Babyhood, Alison Gropnik, recounting how she transformed a midlife crisis into something useful to scholarship:  more evidence of David Hume having some direct knowledge of Buddhism through Jesuit sources.

That got me Googling, finding Hume's poking fun at Quakers, only to find, on fast forwarding, that by the 1830s, the Hicksite branch of Friends were being demonized by Orthodox as Hume-inspired (that infernal Priestley was another baddie).

Connecting these dots gives insights into the conversations of today, as the more Orthodox church-minded continue to find fault with their more Buddhist-like off-spring.

Lyndon LaRouche and Jane Addams then entered the mix as typifying this split.  Jane, founder of WILPF, had a Hicksite dad and formed liberal ideas.

Lyndon, also of Quaker heritage, but of the more Orthodox / Evangelical persuasion, decried David Hume as anti-Platonic, and Hicksites + AFSC as Communists.

One might hypothesize / speculate, empirically, not as a matter of pure deduction, that Alison Gropnik probably admires Jane Addams more than she admires Lyndon LaRouche.