Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Reciprocal Bases

Citizen diplomats are planning to counter any permanent base presence by the US military in Germany or Korea with reciprocal bases in the US, with an humanitarian purpose, and allowing personnel to rotate through on missions.

We co-organize with the more free-wheeling intelligence community, much of it west of the Mississippi i.e. in West Region.  The Pentagon need not have essential input into this plan.  Existing bases would include the embassies already on the ground.

A next generation of such bases (or call them campuses) is already under construction.  Most US military personnel have no clearance to participate in this work.  Different skill sets (partially overlapping) required.

The US military's concern is properly the US military's bases, co-owned with NATO and the Eurozone in some cases.  They had that one near Bishkek for example i.e. they have plenty to manage without trying to mind our business as well.  We're not in their chain of command.

Today:  General John Campbell reneges on a promise to end his dirty wars in Afghanistan.  We will have an Afghani presence above and beyond a normal embassy presence in the US as well.   Weapons inspection is one of the goals, operation Countdown to Zero and all that.

The logistics system is currently under development.  Learning to become a weapons inspector takes some fancy education, like you might get at Reed College.

Some training bases, other facilities, in the US may be given over to our program.  I welcome the leadership Princeton University is providing.

Funding / investment should be more balanced.  We also need more helicopters.

"We have the situation completely under control in Iraq" says McCain on the radio.  Who is this "we" he claims to speak for?  The people of Arizona I guess.  He said the attack on the hospital was justified by the presence of an enemy in the same city... or was that Alzheimer talking?  Stay tuned.