Sunday, September 27, 2015

Occupy Revisted

To review, buried in obscure web pages, as is my wont, I analyzed the Occupy movement in terms of recruitment potential, not for terrorists mind you, but of think-ahead problem-solver types not afraid to try new things.

The parks were a showcase of concentrated talent, if one could only discover them and keep track of them, to match with future opportunities.

Although I agitated to park on the periphery and scout it out, my role was more in the realm of food supply and retreat logistics, after the initial takeover.

Now we're again faced with "sudden communities" in need of services, forced encampments, as a result of war.  Civilians are fleeing the theater, where those in charge of ordnance have chosen to use it.  I'm sure we'll be seeing more statistics.  We already know the size of the populations on the move is more than a few rubber boats can handle.  We've seen boat people before.  This is not a new pattern.

During Occupy, we had the luxury of staying put long enough to experiment with self government.  We did not have a complete ecosystem, plop in the middle of a city like that.  Rajneesh Puram didn't get it right either.  There's maybe no such thing as an insta-village, plopping people down willy-nilly and expecting a civilization overnight.  OPDX did not achieve that either.

However, suppose one rescued and transplanted an entire set of families who already knew each other and had established businesses?  Do we not have the bandwidth?  Is Survivor really more urgent?