Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Ecovillage Storyboard (continued)

Glenn and I have been brainstorming about the made-for-TV campus in rural Oregon, the EcoVillage, a long running theme in these blogs.

Picture lots of Climatrons, like in St. Louis, just to keep it Lost in Space futuristic, then add lots of retro touches, allusions to our own times.

I'm influenced by The Funny Company, an old TV series with lots of cutaways to black and white documentaries.  Animations were the hook, in an attempt to interest young kids in the documentary format.  I gradually became a fan of the genre and enjoy documentaries (including in color) to this day.

There's a kind of science fiction that's so present day, the viewer is left guessing if these are Hollywood movie props, the real deal, or what.

Some technologies we just know don't exist, but others do exist and we just don't know it yet.  That's partly what this campus is about:  showcasing some of the newer stuff, which is also product placement.  We might place product in lieu of advertising rather than in addition to it, but a combination of both is possible too.

My garage has long been the target of some vine-like parasite that, left unchecked, would likely pull down the whole structure.  In any case it was unsightly and finally I purchased a real ladder, one of those twenty position step and straight ladder Werners.

That got me up on the garage easy and with Glenn's help I was 70% done.  Just need to tackle those gutters again.  When the neighbors move out (leaving me mower and BBQ), I'll maybe have a window to tackle the east side.

Then we checked out a new recycling store where I bought some off beat T-shirts (long sleeve turtleneck like, not suitable for summer, but under a jacket maybe OK), and a couple kitchen things.  Large Mona Lisas adorned the wall.  I took some pictures.

The Ecovillage would be like a Breitenbush mix of long haulers hosting tourists, apprentices, friends in residence...  there'd be turnover at different rates.  What goes to Youtube or whatever is not necessarily something in real time.  Editing with segues to documentaries, animations, is more what I envision.

Then we had lunch in Hollywood (our Hollywood) and Columbia River Brewing, one of my favorites.  I promised the waitress, doing a schools supplies drive, that I'd bring around a whole lot of 3-ring binders (left over from Synchronfile's large archiving project).  I bought two bottles of War Elephant IPA.