Sunday, August 09, 2015

Disarm Day 2015

:: Portland's Disarm Day Ceremonies ::

Disarm Day was fantastic this year.

I had a plan going in, which was to make forays into contemporary surrounding Portland, to celebrate its vibrant interpretation of the "city" concept, complete with Right to Dream Too, a north campus that's evolving quickly.

I was heartened to hear on the radio that some cities are close to "functional zero" where homeless vets are concerned, which doesn't mean vets won't fall out of housing and wind up on the streets from time to time.

New Orleans of all places was talking about this level of service.  This was on NPR.

The public NPR radio stations and the BBC have a close relationship, weaving in and out of some of the same stories, but hours apart on the same 91.5 frequency band in this neck of the woods (KOPB).

"Who'd be crazy enough to nuke a city?" is my implicit question, in compiling this Album.

Carol (mom) delivered a keynote.  She practice it in the living room and I gave her some feedback, but we both agreed she's the extemporaneous sort, a product of years of training to keep it spontaneous (Quakers are not supposed to rehearse their messages to the meeting).

Voodoo Donut got some air time in my shoot.  Mostly I focused on the entrance of Veterans for Peace, abetting by NPYM Quakers with their Peace Dove Puppets, across the Steel Bridge, with colorful large origami cranes hanging therefrom.

The drumming was spectacular and the turnout just as anticipated.  Thumbs up to Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR) for a well-organized event.