Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Morning Meetings

US C-17 emergency airdrop in Haiti, 18 Jan 2010. via Wikipedia.

Aimee has returned from her workshop for air disaster victims in San Francisco, mostly relatives of loved ones. She was one of only three who had actually lived through a plane crash.

She took the Coast Starlight to get there and back (it was on time both ways). United Airlines sponsored her trip, recognizing its healing potential.

We went out for coffee at Peet's at the corner of 37th and Hawthorne.

The 911 group is not harboring hostility towards any general population, realizes these were extremist fanatics, hell bent on wreaking as much havoc as possible.

The TWA 800 group remains sure this was a friendly fire incident, a missile that got away during a training exercise. Many expect the truth will eventually come out.

Aimee's plane went down on a busy street in East Portland. Many escaped the fuselage upon landing yet were killed when one of the engines exploded.

Glenn joined me for coffee next.

His mind has been affected (in a good way) by all that Flextegrity experience. He's persuaded that hands-on is the only way to go, when it comes to fathoming its potentials, so where to order some?

My posting to the Math Forum regarding tetrahedral calibration is crystal clear, mathematically secure, and philosophically mature. So what though, right? The Necklace Effect would have been more pronounced if we'd had that super bowl commercial.

My thanks to Trevor for the highly topical look at Geodesic Domes and Earthquakes. Various media will develop more stories in this direction, as a reminder of neglected heritage that might prove relevant going forward. Other media prefer we'd forget.

I'm meeting with Patrick this afternoon, regarding matters educational.

I posted a quick FYI to math-thinking-l regarding our off-list Elluminate session.