Sunday, July 12, 2009

More Buckaneer Talk

Of course today is Bucky's birthday, everyone knows that. I met with Trevor for sushi at Fred's, briefly exchanged a few heresies, caught him up on some recent 4D Syndicate doings and vice versa.

I see Bill Perk is still campaigning to save the Bucky dome in Carbondale, plus there's some old FED stacked on his porch.

The architectural fees for the original home's restoration would cost eight times more than doing a new one, but that's what one needs to go through for historical landmark status.

Sure, I get a little snarky about things like this, given it's 2009 already and we're still wallowing in intellectual squalor, refusing to really teach content or substance (it's all about style, acting like you know something).

On Synergeo I wrote:
All pretty ironic eh? Didn't bucky say we'd inbreed to the point of becoming monkeys, to where all we could do was remember past glories, when real humans walked the earth? Something like that. All this money for relics when many ordinary Global U students still go hungry in 2009. Seems like some dark ages church or memorial to past intelligent life forms. This idea that we're actually devolving is rather popular, bucky stole it from Devo I bet, or from watching professors of American history not do their jobs.
Over on the Math Forum, my longish reply to Greg Goodnight apparently got caught up in red tape, so I tried another one, much shorter.

There's all this incredulity emanating from California that Oregon would actually try something different, like really educating its young about spatial geometry and computers.

That hasn't been tried since one room school house days, when computing was more mental and geometry was about farming (i.e. geography), so I'm not sure where such a bold experiment will take us, but there's obviously no sense in following California anywhere, as it's "bankrupt and extinct" they tell me.

Good thing we rescued Spruce Goose from those know-nothings eh?

Quakers are discussing their "Torture is Wrong" sign, which our affectionate neighbors have used to label us, as in "turn left at the torture church".

I'm thinking keep the sign but remind people of that part of the D.W. Jacobs play wherein his Bucky character spiels about the ongoing holocaust, these needless deaths by starvation, a tortuous process for which most mainstream Protestants take little responsibility, settle for token charities and missionary activity as somehow sufficient to save their souls i.e. they're more a part of the problem than a part of the solution at this point.

But isn't that because their high tuition universities let them down, didn't mention the possibility that design science might be up to realistically addressing this challenge with more than just band aids?

Mostly the gulag professoriate kowtows to the religionists where student services are concerned, making low living standards be a "real world" problem i.e. not their concern, even though this is the Global U we're yakking about.

Economics, "the most retarded" (aka "dismal") science, is an exception to this rule, in that its professors are permitted a worldly tone. Philosophers, on the other hand, are usually not considered qualified to speak about any matters of any importance. Like when's the last time you read any relevant philosophy -- outside of Coffee Shops Network that is?