Thursday, July 02, 2009

Live in Your TV?

The above is from "La La Land" (i.e. LA), back when Disney thought he might provide civilians with a relative utopia. I don't think Pinnochio scared 'em enough, as they decided to attack Indochina instead, malesh (crummy leadership).

Still, this Youtube is prescient, as it looks like we're moving into an art deco kitchen appliance, kind of like living in a percolator, except maybe more practical (note wheelchair access).

These were bold designers, side tracked into dead end wartime scenarios by lesser men. We have similar opportunities today, plus a similar peanut gallery of warmongers, always impatient with civilian lifestyles, wanting to make a buck faster, on the backs of idealistic cannon fodder.

Wayne is doing pretty well. We could try the XRL thing, applying more wattage.

They tell me the wind farms have come under attack, as not deserving of tax breaks. What's that about?

If you wanna tax something, think more about your medical puzzles, what it'll take to solve them? The other side of "patients' rights" is more people wanting to become doctors.

If your plan is to orchestrate some big calamaty on purpose, involving shooting and bombing, then maybe you don't deserve any medical services whatsoever? There's triage to think about, those kids in Darfur. Get in line?

Think about it. Sign up. Join the medical professions.

The movie cuts out just when they're about to share a smoke, time to enjoy just being a nuclear family together, feels like The Jetsons, though not as advanced (plastics had only just been discovered, with Mad Men just hitting their stride).