Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bouncing Around

Meeting Venue

I'm still being kinetic though was more into stupid stuff today, parking a long way from my meeting (about HTML5), lulled by Portland's "small town, walk anywhere" reputation, then couldn't find Jive, looking for some hole in the wall.

OK, so it's a whole building, I got that. Locked up tight. Leif and I stood outside in the door frame, trying to Twitter our way in, otherwise nudge 'em, to no avail by the time I gave up and drove back to Richmond.

To me, this was more proof we need a new Cubespace. That was working so well for Portland's geeks, didn't have to be on time to not get locked out (a cool feature).

Earlier today I did my retarded guy thing, crashing in on poor Jody at work, ranting about real estate (her specialty):
USB killed Cubespace, didn't realize upper floor was "investment banking" (coworkers working), pulled plug, Americans too stupid for words (my perspective) so heading to meeting at post Cubes venue, SW Stark, live and learn (still don't know Portland, after only two decades plus).
But hey, I'm not being fair. USB was just the landlord. Tara took its side at dinner at Bagdad (packed, no recession evident), pointing out they were paying for power, weren't getting revenue, needed to pull the plug.

Besides, since when did Portland have any real investment bankers? I've only met one of those, Peter Jaeger of JPMorgan, and there's no one in Portland even remotely like him. We're a backwater. Podunk U.

We canceled the Wanderers viewing party for tonight, Why We Fight. Because we're too busy fighting? To keep our heads above water? Keeping busy at least. Practicing.

Lets see if that Math Forum posting gets through, more about chess and Wittgenstein. Got a lot of PSF work done today around Pycon 2010, working closely with Vern Ceder (our "watcher").

My great uncle Bill Lightfoot was by, treated me to lunch (except for the wine bottle, which I saved for a "rainy day").