Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Wanderers 2009.6.3

Our out of towner had joined us before, was deep into it when I showed up late, minus a laptop this time, which cramped my style.

Sure enough, I found myself tromping back to the office to get some morning's work done, wrapping up something I'd posted yesterday, re the math track we're designing (Dick doesn't believe we're a "we" I don't think, based on traffic at Synergeo).

I was back for the ending, enjoyed comparing notes with Jim Buxton, lots of ham radio talk giving the upcoming festival at Seaside.

I ran my DM track thing through the Wanderers list as well, drew it on the white board, however I'm expecting our next meeting to focus on ISEF, just completed.

I was glad to get these reports of others' doings and to have our resident Henry George expert back in the hot seat. He's in town for the reunion at Reed, one of our venerable colleges.

Wonderful Patrick could join us. Much of the conversation was on the structure of the Japanese language, a segue off the ham radio thread, as many of the operators in this area have that in common, plus we have the immersion programs. Carribean hamsters will also be represented.

The sun is in a valley with its sun spot cycle these days so fidelity over the Pacific isn't as great as in some seasons, less ionosphereic mirroring.

OK, time for that next meeting (re ISEF).

Thanks Patrick, for letting me borrow Jennifer 2 (a Linux laptop).