Wednesday, June 17, 2009

OS Bridge Begins

We're off to a smart start, Twitter on name badges (oft times), picked up my credentials with zero fuss or bother, ran into Michelle, her Emma company one of our sponsors. I got my "ecotainer" of coffee, so feel like a power nester. Pretty soon we'll have keynotes.

Some guy accosted me in the lobby to say I've had "too much to say" on PPUG lately, but hey, archives aren't "mandatory reading" in these parts, we both skip each others. Then we got to talking, and it turned out we had a similar marketing plan: hold off on touting Python until we're done with this leap (from 2.x to 3.x) as right now it'd be more like stampeding over a cliff for a lot of 'em, caught in a chasm, wondering which one is cooler (hint: 3.x is cooler but we need to give the librarians time to update their offerings, not always a trivial undertaking).

That's Michelle Rowley I was talking about (1st paragraph), one of the Pythoneers around here i.e. one mean engineer (meaning "mean" in a good sense, in case you're reading from out of town), as in "rides one mean Django pony" (insider joke about her subculture's mascot). Her boyfriend is here too, likely mean in a good way as well.

I'm using Patrick's Jennifer 2 this morning, given Jackalope Down. However, for my talk I've selected "noisy Windows" (loud fan), the Toshiba Satellite I took to London I'm pretty sure, though transmogrified through Alexia's care at some point, now outfitted with World of Warcraft devices, other wickedness.

Was just jokin' with this geek about Silicon Hills (Austin), suggesting OSCON rotate: Hills, Valley, Forest, Hills, Valley, Forest... like that. Like, why not include Texas, make it part of our union? Keep America Weird.

Amber Case
, you're a dynamite cyborg anthropologist, thanks for trailblazing. I'm so glad we're getting away from that stupid Borg idea of a human-machine interface. Prosthetics make sense, but if you don't need 'em, why use 'em?

Put another way, Google is a prosthetic, sure, but you don't need to wire it directly to your pineal gland in order to get the religious experience of using it fully. Just tap tap with those fingers and have your screen reader whisper the results, in a soothing voice maybe (nothing wrong with soothing). Thanks for joining us at ISEPP the other night for the Netness talk.