Sunday, June 07, 2009

Getting Older

You might think from the title I'm gonna make some mid life crisis speech, but I had mine already and I'm really thinking about my 15 year old. We had a family breakfast at a favorite eatery to celebrate, plus Tara became a WILPF member, paid through the year by her grandma Carol (soon to fly off again).

Before others awakened, I made coffee and plunked down on the couch, in case I might intersect with the Sunday Morning Show on CBS, as I knew we had a segment on Bucky airing. As chance would have it, I caught it perfectly, tuned in just before air time in the middle of some swanky cowboy boots (Whoopi!), then it was on to the Billies, whom I'd seen at Fox Tower as a part of the lead in to that documentary film about Burma.

I'll do more semiotics on the Bucky segment on Synergeo probably.

Over breakfast, we discussed my prospects as a teacher trainer, in case anyone wants to phase in more "Bucky stuff", or even just more computers in math class, where you'd think they'd be already, but we're in the middle of a recession and can't afford to get smart. I shared my usual "any day now" enthusiasm, easy to do over a full plate of food, ever the salesman, the closer, looking to seal the deal.

Given our work on the new DM track through high school, you might expect some faculty interest, especially in smaller academies where the CM/DM distinction is obscure to begin with (only two teachers for the whole of mathematics in some cases -- if you count the gym teacher as one of 'em).

Next up: a meeting with ISEPP's senior fellow, or at least that looks likely, with another pow wow scheduled for this evening. HB2U.