Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hello World

Tara agrees that if I want to raise the level of debate, I need to help advance the storyline, get the word out. Blogs will take me only so far.

Should I be alerting more journalists to their options? I was in The Oregonian a couple times years ago, spun as a local futurist. Nothing much has changed on that score (i.e. I'm still a local futurist).

In the first article, I was holding up a Fuller Projection in the picture, talking about what might be in store down the road. In the second, I was predicting "hypertext kiosks" (this was before the web). Providence had some in the lobby of West Pavilion (PSTV) after awhile, like a lot of hospitals (?).

My public track record as a futurist is pretty strong I think.

A lot has happened since the 1980s though, in terms of connecting the dots, making it real. These are interesting threads that many readers will enjoy catching up on.

The play about Bucky at Portland Center Stage helped a lot of Portlanders get up to speed on his basic bio at least. But as for how to make use of his results, it's about more than just domes (not that I have anything against domes mind you).

Are we "shovel ready" in Portland?