Saturday, January 31, 2009

Part Deux

This was a follow-on to the essay below it, first edition published to the Wanderers e-list.


> To me it's a no brainer this is a story worth
> telling, sharing with students, Reed kids for
> example. And as an American Transcendentalist,
> you can bet that I do, all over my resume,
> everywhere else. Kind of a trademark
> you might say.
> Kirby
> 4D

OK, so that went to me blog, fixed some typos, made some links.

It's next to the meeting with Lew, in part because I want people to know why I'm excited about PPS: we taught about "A modules" in 6th grade. Very cutting edge.

That 1, 12, 42, 92... is of course expressible in a formula 10*F**2 + 2, using ** for power (like in Python). We use that to get a high frequency icosahedron, then break it into triangles. Subracting that + 2, gives 1:2:3 for N:F:E (F = faces, E = edges, N = V - 2). But first you need V + F = E + 2 (elementary school stuff again).

I'm not saying every adult knows the above, just that "Quaker engineers" all do (by definition -- namespace maneuver).

But as email or "just words", it's maybe not as "way cool" as on YouTube (or ShowMeDo), where we archive more and more of this stuff. Lemme go see what's been uploaded recently:

OK, not fair, me again -- note Portland prominent in the background. We're hot stuff in this city.

Lots of related videos. Here's Colliding A and B Quanta Modules:

I have a problem with this one, in that these aren't really just As and Bs. Amalgams of some kind maybe? Couplers?

As and Bs are really simple, per plane nets (what your 7th grader might soon know, from cartoons).

It's not that we're replacing the math we get now, it's that we're abetting it with a tiny kernel of densely packed ideas, like "the red pill" that gets you out of The Matrix ( = mind-numbing qyoobist paradigm).

Try it, you'll like it. Boost your IQ!