Friday, February 20, 2009

AVP Again

This was Friends of Jung night at United Methodists again, on Jefferson near the BMW dealership. I didn't see any Quakers there that I knew, but could see this as an AVP talk (alternatives to violence) nonetheless.

Nancy and I talked about dear Dawn a lot, her hardships in healing, her dying. I'm lighting some candles. We also talked confidentially about work. Nancy is bat-like, likes flitting about with me, another transcendentalist. I am blessed to have such friends. Y'all are good to me.

This was at Bud's place in Goose Hollow, Bud being a former mayor of Portland, appreciated for his playful spirit.

Our speaker, Pamela J. Power
, read an effective piece, weaving in road rage, the suicide bomber, even mother-baby relations (sometimes testy), work with analysands (they sometimes get her goat, make a connection) -- there's no escaping the violence in her web, this namespace. "Tricky girl" I'm thinking later (admiringly) i.e. "smart cookie".

The only choice is real sacrifice versus a neurotic response that keeps us stuck. A sincere submit to the archetype is not an acting out, but an ending. It's not about keeping the moral high ground, being too much the hero, self judging, so much as doing the necessary chemistry (alchemy), or allowing it to be done (a fine line sometimes).

She quoted Jung extensively, clearly a scholar. So far I have to say I'm impressed by the caliber of his students. She also mentioned Robert Thurman chatting about Quentin Tarentino in the NYT the other day. Robert's lovely daughter Uma stars in Kill Bill and like that. Again, we're talking tantric, homeopathic, AVP (these are films).

I felt buoyed by some powerful psyches tonight, also this morning in our meeting. I am thankful for my friends, family, community.

I'm home now. Doll House is being violent on our tube, voices not quite synced with the action. Tara sees a dark side in debating, is still enjoying the sport, probably didn't make finals though (just as well, as she has an out of town friend coming to visit).

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