Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Something to remember is your phone company may not have the time to alert you about better deals or upgrades.

As an early adopter of DSL, I got what by today's standards is a slow connection, then noticed my latecomer neighbors were surfing along at higher speeds.

Should I have been coddled?

We can argue the ethics of leaving me in the dark until the sun goes down.

Anyway, safe to say, once my suspicions were aroused I quickly phoned Qwest to find out what was what and, sure enough, I could be enjoying twice the speed for a little less per month -- a no-brainer once I'd learned of my option (this was quite awhile ago by now).

Many North Americans share this value: a commitment to individual initiative: don't just sit back and expect some big sis phone company to take care of you. Do your homework, take action. Maybe that's no one else's job but your own?

Want an electronic bill instead of paper but don't know how to use the web? Too bad then. Guess your schools let you down (not our problem).

"Land of the free, home of the brave and all that, what?" (some Monty Python type voice).

Speaking of upgrades, I was overdue for a new cell phone, one with a decent keyboard so I can keep up with Tara's verbose text messages. Mouse clicked for it yesterday, FedEx delivered it today. Mom lost her old one in Seattle so will inherit the Motorola (donating working cell phones to a women's shelter is another good idea).