Sunday, September 16, 2007

Still Loving Portland

So I was hanging with this dude from Barcelona, a sort of kindergarten cop, comparing notes on world cities, big and small. I've come up with "Vilnius: the Portland of Europe" because I find both undiscovered / obscure, yet maximally charming in some odd dimension. Sister cities perhaps.

I'm happily waiting for Thai food from one of Portland's best kitchens, just a block from Pauling House, where I have the key, so why not blog via Wifi, from Ubuntu on Dell? Live it up a little, woo hoo.

Larry and I did the airport circuit oggi (today), talking our shop talks, riding our bikes (me on Tink). He does a good airplane. We both like Jodie Foster (as does Jane). Me, I'm like this movie director, so I realize why I ride too closely: I'm thinking "omniscient camera" (the usual) and trying to get close ups, at risk to both myself and my partner (I get it now).

Loved the Quakers this morning. So many favorites. Sitting next to a rodeo girl talking motorcycles with Ron, it doesn't get any better.

My calendar is a conflicted monster, so many reptiles at work. I love them all.