Saturday, July 07, 2007


:: vilnius pix ::

Yikes, my Blogger control panel is in Lithuanian! Today is a Saturday and hardly anyone was strolling in the rain early this morning. I took a first few pix with my waterproof camera (my wind breaker proved less than waterproof).

Yesterday, July 6, the day of my arrival, Balts commemorated the crowning of King Mindaugas in 1253.

The main street next to the hotel is torn up for replumbing. The hotel itself, Centrum Ratonda, is quite satisfactory, with wireless in the room and an ample breakfast buffet (included).

Laura, the main conference organizer, flies in from Sweden late tonight. I volunteered to help stuff bags and do other conference stuff. My hosts were very kind to fly me here.

All my puzzle pieces rejoined on this end minus the white 3-ring binder which I kindly (OK, unintentionally) left next to 31A for Lufthansa management, or the dumpster as the case may be.

The Vilnius lost and found women kindly sent a query in teletype language to Frankfurt, using some virtual TTY running on Windows (no one really uses teletypes anymore right? -- but the old language games persist).