Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Analyzing the News

I saw that FreeSpeech on CBS awhile back where the guy bristled over anyone calling Condi "articulate," which made him instinctively rally to her side, even though he distrusted White House policies. So then Biden gaffs, using this same word about Obama, others equally offensive, but I think more spoofs, including that part about announcing his candidacy on "Me Too Tube."

He's a smart politician, knows how to act stupid. Score one for the virtual president (and on CSPAN, he listens very politely to authors of the current buildup in Iraq initiative, no matter how clueless they sound).

The stories about Damascus playing a role in brokering a peace sound promising. Regional problem-solving is where it's at. The USA needs to get back to those post Katrina FEMA villages, with something more intelligent and respectable for an encore.

Out here on the Pacific Rim, Islam has more of a Far Eastern flavor, including more pork in the diet.

Bill Whitaker's report on Rafe Esquith's classroom, where real reading occurs, was highly encouraging.

Follow-up from Damascus: I trust I'm not the only viewer to find some humor in this report by Elizabeth Palmer on the TV propaganda war.