Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Winter in Santa Fe

:: hotel room view ::
We drove through exciting blizzard conditions from Socorro, pulling off in Albuquerque at the height of the snow storm to retrieve the humidifier kit from Apria (on McCleod just off the Jefferson St. exit) -- an attachment for the O2 concentrator we're borrowing. Dawn's been off the 02 in Portland lately, but here in New Mexico we're a mile high mas o meno.

Further north on I-25, we got out ahead of the snow, back to 75 mph driving conditions. The storm caught up with us after we'd already checked in, making this place even more picturesque than usual.

Now we're just hangin' out (no, the wireless ain't free -- must key to MAC address because the ISP didn't hassle me this morning). I've got saline and TPN goin' on Dawn's two lumens (PIC line), while Tara blisses out on Cartoon Network.

Last night we watched a Harry Potter on HBO (plus I used up my free 60 minutes playing Luxor 2), but the guest in the adjacent room had a TV remote keyed to the same frequency and kept ordering porn films, interrupting our viewing -- a good metaphor for something or other. Anyway, room service fixed the problem (rekeyed our TV and remote).

I'd scrounged a fresh baked pizza from an upscale joint nearby (given the snow, I was the only other customer). But I forgot that "four cheese" (actually "quattro formaggi") in upscale-speak means just the cheeses (no tomato base), probably one of them goat, meaning Tara couldn't eat it (she tried), meaning I had to snarf most of it myself (I gave her the crusts). We also raided the minibar. Cheapskate that I am, I'm hoping to replace at least the beers from a local supermarket.

Wanderers called me from their morning meeting and passed the cell phone around. Jon warned me to steer clear of bad art in this most galleries per capita town (even more than Catalina?). A lot of it's pretty good though -- and well outside of my price range.