Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Newflash: Lights On in ToonTown

Today's Oregonian, Business front page
So like three days after I evacuate from a quasi-unfree zone, MetroFi turns on the lights, or at least so says The Oregonian today. I still have a few odds & ends at ActivSpace, have yet to give notice, so now have the laptop loaded in Razz, planning a visit, and will add to this post re my findings below.

Before I give notice and return the key, we could brainstorm keeping this as a branch PKL office, provided the rumors are true. I'm open to advice from readers; send HQS a gmail if you like, take some IQ tests (just kidding (not! (see Borat, like this))). Derek? Trevor? Wanderers is open agenda tomorrow, I'll plan to solicit feedback there as well.

But keep in mind, it's just a very small 2nd floor office (with elevator), utility sink plus electrical (and free wireless, if rumors are true).

I've so far removed everything but David's T-modules, which remain scattered on the floor (not in mint condition). Those all could be yours. Going once, going twice...

And did I mention the neighbors were fun? They were all jammed in the bigger corner office next to mine, sharing Friday Margaritas, when Derek and I showed up in the pickup, as moving gentlemen.

We've started a countdown for New Mexico, still in the high T-minus phase (i.e. lift off still days away).

Mixed Results:

Rumors are true to the extent a free Metro-Fi node, plus premium channel, show up on my list, but right now I'm still depending on the good graces of some neighboring private enterprise. MetroFi wouldn't handshake, or maybe it's not really open for business quite yet.

I responded by cell to Nirel's voicemail, reaching her in LaLa Land (LA). She aced almost all my IQ tests, per usual, but only to inform me she'd already acquired a target in Seattle, wasn't gunning for Portland.

I can see from whence that old Portland-Seattle rivalry stems: we lose some of our best California girls to our big sister up north. Anyway, I fed her some shark tale (all true) about how I'd gladly share goat meat with her (we're family) were I to score some, other carnivorous imagery (rather off-putting I would imagine -- actually we're on the same wavelength: coffee shops, as in owning, with rooms to host colloquia, symposia).

Anyway, I'm happy enough just seeing the node, to wanna celebrate. Hence the (open) Foster's Special Bitter on the floor next to me, amidst the Koski T-modules, and a Spicy T.L.C. sandwich (tofu & carrots) by Higher Taste of Portland.

Additional results:

I ran the next logical test, which was to find a location where Metro-Fi's signal was stronger, to see if signal weakness was to blame for my above failure to connect from 8th & SE Main. Empirical result: I'm connected, using free MetroFi, but from Lucky Lab, which already had free Portland Telco, sans the ad banner (and counts as a free premium service therefore, but without as much coverage).

The MetroFi node, with Microsoft's sponsorship, wanted to know my income level, a mandatory field. Seemed kinda intrusive. Like, when Saturday Academy asked my ethnicity, I wrote "mixed Asian Anglo" in the provided "other" blank. That'd have to do, no time for fine tuning. I find these computations difficult to just do on the fly. I also put down I was a CEO (a type of chief) -- not lyin'.

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