Friday, December 15, 2006

Blogging from Albuquerque

One more interesting number is that about 13 million people have created blogs, but only 39 million say they read someone else's blog. Crunch the numbers. That's an average of three readers per blog.
Census: We're Fat, Lonely, Smelly (CBS News, 2006.12.15)
Math point: that average holds only if those 39 million read an average of just one blog each. My experience of the blogosphere is it's a place to go digging i.e. there're lots of blogs to explore, including Eleanor Rigby's.

Yes, a blog may be like a personal diary for some, but they have other uses as well.

Given the bookkeeping connotations of "journaling" (the Quaker term for blogging) I tend to think of mine as recording transactions, the movements of money or mojo, whatever bull. I read others' blogs for such clues as well.

Bucky Fuller developed his Chronofile as a means for tracking his experiments with 'Guinea Pig B' i.e. himself.

Also in the news: a suspension of executions by lethal injection in Florida, because the procedure wasn't working properly -- shades of Mr. Death.

Toon by T. Nast
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