Monday, April 03, 2006


Dawn's rib cage is more painful than ever, so her pulmonologist suggested we head over to the ER for diagnosis, pleurisy suspected.

I've been doing deliveries of bookkeeping data, plus over the weekend washed all the sheets and blankets, while learning about the slave trade in Rhode Island, pre Civil War (using Pauling House wifi).

I was @ Pauling House again last night, labeling an edubuntu CD while chatting with David Koski by cell (four- vs. five-fold symmetry regimes, one of our fave topics of discussion).

I've got seven or eight students signed up for my Saturday Academy class (Pythonic Mathematics), which has been pushed back a week, owing to the upcoming Shuttleworth Summit in London.

I've been watching Noam Chomsky on Amy Goodman's show while we wait for testing outcomes (chest X-ray in progress). Sheesh that guy is articulate; one eloquently loquacious sentence after another without hardly a halt. That's what it means to be an MIT linguist I suppose: good at language.

Tara and I have started sampling Angel, a Buffy spin-off with a partially overlapping storyline. Dawn may catch up when she feels better.

OK, duty calls @ The Neighbors': computer issues. We saw Cirque du Soleil with them yesterday (Varekai), then went to a dim sum place in Chinatown.


Not what we wanted to hear. The CT scan shows the cancer has reappeared in Dawn's rib and likely elsewhere. Our family is swimming in unhappiness and disappointment again. I love Dawn and this family with all my heart and soul. I am eternally grateful to have these people in my life.