Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Re: Public Education (Oregon)

So the scheme I'm hearing about for Oregon is like:

k = kindergarten
e = elementary
m = middle
h = high
c = college

i.e. so-called k16, pre-school through college.

Of course this all looks very cryptic, but I'm just aiming at making it more memorable and compact.

I told some friends in South Africa it was:


in our neck of the woods but my wife says that's just not how it's done here. So I guess I'm not really the authority.

Anyway, my expertise is more in a specific subject area I tout as "a hybrid of CS and math," where CS is short for computer science and math is short for mathematics.

When you blend math with Texas Instruments, you get a calculator-intensive curriculum. But in PDX we've been leaning more and more towards GNU, Linux, open source in general.

So the calculators maybe don't have such a bright future here, except maybe as emulators e.g. kids can write 'em using some event-driven GUI framework, like maybe PyGame.

Addendum re organizational framework @ Math Forum.