Sunday, January 15, 2006

Dignity Village

Some of you quick draws probably already thought of this -- after all, there's the precedent in LA. What'll be fun is getting across that Santa really does care about poor people.

Of course you cynics see through all that: we're really talking about Grunch in a bunny suit, looking for good will on a planet grown tired of incessant bombing (not to mention outraged by all the collateral damage).

So let's try being at least a tiny bit decent for a change? What a concept! How'd that idea ever get passed the censors?

We've got some spanking new economics spelling out why being good matters, why poverty sucks. Of course we can't make evolution run faster than it'll go. Light speed (186K mph) defines an upper limit (and the normal rate in Synergetics).

I'm confidant that years of watching ecovillages develop will make for better TV (and sell more product) than years of watching bombs go off, per the current dark age in Palestine and Algebra City.

I think we're all tired of Coalition TV by now.

So let's demand something more uplifting for a change! Write to your local programming director -- maybe starting with KOIN?