Thursday, January 05, 2006

Corruption in Congress

I do enjoy the thought of these comtemptible Congressmen soiling their own pants with emergency charitable donations.

Newt Gingrich seems to think there's time for reform. I think the lack of open source voting pretty much voids their credibility to restore integrity from within.

We definitely want our democracy back, but I don't see that Congress has the power to give it to us. I wish it did.

Of course we have some great public servants in Congress, today as much as ever. But as a body, the institution has denegrated itself to new lows. Until we get a lot more transparency into the system, there's just no trusting these offices to reflect the will of the people.

I vote we erect a temporary Capitol Building in LA, or maybe Anchorage. We could devise a new voting system from scratch, with all current members by definition ineligible to run.

Just kidding.

It'd serve 'em right though.

Update: I shared some prints of this post with folks Drinking Liberally at Lucky Lab this evening. The Nike guy was flipping through slides of his recent trip to Turkey.