Tuesday, December 28, 2004

More Geometry of Thinking

John Mac Cosham (aka dharmraj) is continuing in the tradition of Richard Hawkins and Russell Chu, exploring the rich set of relationships set up by the IVM (aka the isomatrix) and the quanta modules. These mods assemble various polyhedra in a variety of permutations. How many ways to fill a Coupler? If the Coupler is set at volume one, per usual, then the A and B mods have volume 1/24.

Of course all this terminology is likely completely unfamiliar to you if you grew up in the United States in the late 20th century. Your teachers likely never let you in on our fancy new geometry-based philosophy. Sure, our chief architect and philosopher, Bucky Fuller, put it on the map, in part through thousands of lecture-hours at hundreds of colleges and universities. But getting established academics to actually mouth this stuff -- well, let's just say it took us many years and lots of skill to defend our beloved Ivory Tower against the raging hoardes of Sauron.

However, we did win in the end, and prospects for Middle Earth look a lot brighter as a result.

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