Monday, October 25, 2004

Blast from the Past

I got an email from Einar Thorstein recently. Way back when Russ Chu, Bonnie Goldstein, and Hal Hildebrand were thinking of doing the BFI archive in Smalltalk (Bonnie's initiative, Russ's motherboard, Hal's smarts), back when Yasushi Kajikawa came to UCLA to talk about his geometric investigations (Jay Baldwin, Ed Applewhite were there, among others), a big thread was how to modularize 5-fold symmetric geometries.

Yasushi's system had just been published in the Japanese edition of Scientific American. David Koski was exploring phi-scalable T-modules and other tetrahedral derivatives of the golden cuboid (had some excellent assemblies of well-known polyhedra -- great puzzles I thought). And Einar Thorstein was a 3rd, more geographically remote pioneer of a 5-fold symmetric building block system that we were talking about.

Now Einar has some more to say on the subject, and offered to send me a CD. Looking forward to it. Good to see us getting together again, and this thread re-awakening.

Followup Nov 5, 2004:

Got Einar's CD about FANG from Berlin -- a set of PDFs with lots of pictures, high production values, lots of new shop talk and abbreviations. David Koski has a new blog. All good.