Wednesday, December 29, 2004

School Business

Eating pizza here at my desk; not the rule, but if I'm going to get used to living in a BizMo, well, multi-tasking is the name of the game. Checked in with Russ by cell from the hospital. He's just back from DC. He pinged me yesterday during my tech session with Wanderers in KOIN tower (what some PDX families call "the candle building"). I fired off an email to Ed, using the new gmail account. He's been in my blog of late too.

I've lost track of how the theater company is doing. The play was great in Seattle, plus a kind of reunion (GENI was there), including with Canadian talent. It felt like our powwow at Russ'n Deb's, and at Karl's that time. However I regret to this day not getting to meet with Ron, the star of the show, and not for any lack of accessibility on his part. We got too engrossed around that table -- I saw some pictures from then and I looked even fatter than usual.

When do computer geeks get the time to stay buff, I'd like to know. All the pizza isn't really the problem IMO, it's like not hiking in Utah, high on my list for its geological attractions, and for when I get my BizMo. In the meantime, maybe I should just jet about in the repainted Gulfstream. That'd mean more time at the gym -- which'd be good for me.

Consoletti must be glad to finally know his two Synergetics in the Classroom, SUNY Oswego, Summer 2004, Department of Technology CDs have arrived. I gmailed him a sample picture, of himself looking workshopish. Sunanda took off for Hawai'i some weeks ago, leaving a bicycle.

I hope BFI remembers to keep reregistering that domain name ( Kiyoshi and I snagged that for them at the start of its cyber-existence -- tough to get those 3-letter dot orgs any more guys. If found, please return.

Trevor is looking into some ideology questions for me. Some of you don't know him. He's a student of Walford's ( His dome page is still popular.

I discovered a cool new cafe in the neighborhood with no patrons, just a lonely barista. I'm heading back there for another coffee (late night planned), maybe a game of chess with myself. Of course I have my cell. Hey Koski, thanks for the Xmas card; I've got it on the fridge.


OK, so I did manage to squeeze in my short loop around the Steel, not the longer 17 miler I use when training for the STP (looking forward to doing it again). I haven't risked a Segway yet. George made it look hard (BBC). How'd Saddam do? Now it's off to return The Essence of Genius (Bucky VHS) to a bookstore in the Pearl, by way of Union Station (Fabik is heading out). I think my friend Larry should get to license on the jet.

Ended up with C-SPAN tonight (missed KOIN): caught Kofi Annan telling that Fox journalist where to get off, like duh he can manage the UN from Wyoming, doesn't need to sit behind a desk in New York -- plus unlike some politicians he's not about to further strain resources with an ill-timed photo op in the disaster zone; and I snarfed up much of Howard Hart's spirited if enigmatic performance in Virginia (a replay from Dec 3, 2004). Fixed some links for Christina.