Friday, January 03, 2020

Occupy History

Dec 29, 2019, 1:46 PM 

Occupy History Project: write your own recent history up to where Tulsi becomes president. Here's mine:

Smedley "War Hero" Butler, champion of the unpaid WW1 vets (their delayed pay called a "bonus"), exposed the Business Plot under FDR, delaying the coup until 1963 when the mob installed IMPOTUS #1: Emperor Johnson.

By Reagan (IMPOTUS #5), the oligarchs were firmly in control, Uncle Sam RIP * now needed to fool people into fervently believing in this new Imposter Government (IG), with bogus elections (deliberately broken) and lots of taxation without representation (we're all Puerto Rico now). Ollie North types were in control of foreign policy (shades of Nixon).

By 9.11.01, with no credible defenses, no real leadership, the sham had worn dangerously thin, and wars of conquest and distraction, in the New Rome tradition, led to bombing the Middle East on vague pretenses, and amazingly, Yugoslavia (Clinton's gang bombed the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade you might remember, typical coke head behavior).

We're now under Naked Emperor #10. The joker-heads like Bolton think war against Iran will keep us all looking the other way. Whipping the public into a mad cow frenzy over Iran's supposed "nukes" is priority number one.

Then Tulsi came along, representing the abused misused military, and suggested we restore the Constitution and not seek war against Persia.

The fading Clintonistas tried some of their old tricks, but were out of effective magic. Tulsi beat Trump in a landslide becoming the first female president, 2nd president from Hawaii, and America started getting back to taking care of its own people. We all lived happily ever after and yadda yadda, Amen.

* a Medal of Freedom winner even said so ("the U.S.A. we have known is bankrupt and extinct") out loud, in print, at the time -- not in the news, smear tactics had been perfected.

OK your turn.