Sunday, December 16, 2018

At Bridge City


"Bridge City" is a nickname for Portland, our several bridges being what the Blue Meanies would bomb, in case Planet Earth wishes to go Yellow Submarine (again). However in this context (my blog) "Bridge City" also designates "the other Monthly Meeting" in Portland, "Multnomah" being the other Other (rhymes with "brother").

Today was business meeting for BCFM, however Tara and I, not frequent attenders, didn't stay for that, and instead hit the nearby Andy & Bax.  I needed new pants and a belt.  Alexia joined us there and took off with her sis whereas I buzzed home in the Maxi Taxi to make lunch for Carol.

Ron B. and I got talking, about the public television archives he's helping to build, in terms of protocol (something already out there). I asked him if it were "XMLy" and he said yes, but also "JAY-son" (we were speaking geek).  I caught up with Chris and Larry re Amanda and Greg.  I'd been bouncing back and forth with Greg and Nick H., the stats guru, in my Machine Learning phase (for now behind me).

That gets me thinking about CUE's weekly cable TV show by, and for, seniors (CUE = Center for Urban Education, deceased but ressurrectable). I was not directly involved in this production. I went through the cable TV training more on my own, working both sides of the camera in various roles, but with primitive technology compared with today's.

One cable TV show I was on got us talking about the Icosahedron and I realized the show's host imagined the radii were equal in length to the outer edges.  He was probably remembering how that was an important attribute of another related shape, the so-called "vector equilibrium", and juxtaposing that with this better known Platonic.  I was being interviewed I think with Trevor and Walter Alter.

Speaking of Trevor, I mean to ask him, having archived the Joe Moore archives (BFVI), which other ads Bucky might have starred in.  Did he participate in the Think Different campaign staged by Apple?  The one getting this thread started was for Honda. I wonder if Synchronofile has a file on that.

"Captain Bucky" was ahead of his time in doing a "Facebook profile" (this was well before FB was invented), into which he'd dump a lot of souvenirs from his life, such as parking tickets, awards. He called it his chronofile, reminiscent of the "ship's log" like on Star Trek.

As Trevor points out, things Bucky innovated, like self-profiling, jogging, paleo diet, were later imitated or we could say were in the Zeitgeist.  Some catch a whiff sooner, of this or that trend.