Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Wading Around

Some dike in the nether-sphere burst someplace, and now we're all knee deep in something, not sure what it is.

Yeah that was some interview with former CIA chief Leon Panetta on CBS, saying maybe Trump was crazy for thinking the CIA was against him and maybe he should step down?

Or maybe "crazy while in office" is OK. Worked with Mad King Ludwig of Bavaria to a certain extent.  I see some parallels, who wouldn't?

Would Panetta be acting interim president while the CIA decided who to really run? I'll probably hear all about that on Alex Jones.

However I'm leery of this sea of tabloid, of polluted press.  Do I want to swill around in it?  Last night in an extended Wanderers session, we talked for almost an hour about cow manure, what it's like to fall in it head first.  Was that an omen of something?

I understand the confusion. Who really said anything about a wiretap? OK, the NYT did, but never that Obama authorized it.
The White House forwarded The New York Times several articles about investigations into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia that include the word “wiretapping.” None contend, as Mr. Trump did, that Mr. Obama personally ordered the surveillance of Trump Tower phones.
 Trump: "Oh, so it was unauthorized by any president?" Pause. CIA: "We think you're crazy."

No one said anything about a wiretap for sure right? Like anyone high up enough in CIA with enough clearances could call the Russian ambassador and ask directly if Flynn said anything interesting.  Who said anything about "intercepting"? Heck, I'll call Putin himself if I feel like it (I don't think he'd take my call though as I'm a nobody).
OK, maybe that word was used ("intercept").  Former congressman Kucinich was warning about the high Banana Republic quotient, when you get intelligence chiefs and the president duking it out on Oprah.

However it wasn't like that exactly.  Panetta got to have his say, ratcheting it up from where Michael Morell had taken it earlier, on the same network.

More likely Flynn himself remembered more details, when under the bright lights. Then what he confessed got leaked?  For what crime again?  Lying to the Vice Principal?

Taking his job too seriously I think it was.  He was trying to reach for the munchies before the party had really started yet.

I'm not saying the CIA and FBI don't have reasons for going after the White House.  They've been public and aggressive about it, or at least some high profile talking heads have played a role.  Go seek and ye shall find.

As a simple corollary, the president would have every right to be paranoid, and in need of some assurances he could trust his own bureaucracy.  No way, according to Panetta.  This feud is not resolving any time soon.

Wanderers is a sort of Ouija board style of conversation, a co-creation of those present. Group dynamics may be studied in this way, ala David Bohm in his later work.  Dr. Nick Consoletti, speaking of peripatetics, did his thesis in that area.