Thursday, February 09, 2017

Trucking Again


The good folks on QuakerQuaker (Q2) are maybe wondering if I imagine funding my partners' truck fleets from that Quaker Sharia bank headquartered in Istanbul. My answer: why not? We have Halal-compliant banking in Whittier, a Quaker town (historically: the poet John Greenleaf Whittier was a Quaker). This idea that a car might be financed in only one way is gringo-jingoistic. You might get a steep discount for buying it in bitcoin, in some schemes.

The "truck fleets" are Global U fleets, even if sporting the logos of private companies. From a curriculum design viewpoint, you're giving resume and transcript credits where due, to all your work-study students, all several billion of them.

Motion Studies

Not any one database does all the work, I grant you that, and many schools are not even trying.  But my sense is if you get from Istanbul to Kabul by truck, as one of the drivers (apprentice at first), with stops along the way to immerse yourself in various cultures and languages, you're likely deserving of a Bachelors at least, possibly a PhD. We just need to design the programs, as the trucking is already there ("work with the grain" is our mantra).

By working backwards from an open borders civilian economy, with lots of interstate-style freeways, lots of truck stops, we hope to show the way forward to an enticing-enough future to keep so many Americans out of the mercenary militias and dependent on Iron Mountain for their daily bread. The US is a chief exporter of economic refugees in the form of "million dollar men".

More capitalists, fewer economic refugees, with recognized CO status (thanks to membership in Quaker and/or Sufi sects) is not a prerequisite for having a more prosperous global economy, but might catalyze its happening faster. The Iron Mountain is dragging us down and holding us back, with the basic Bucky stuff only taught in the highest ranks, if at all.

To espouse principled objections to use of outward violence, let alone nuke weapons, is hardly a mark of a kook. Quakers have held this position for almost four hundred years. On the contrary, those cults who insist on acting out as a matter of right and/or entitlement, seem among the least stable, mentally. Their grasp on power appears problematic at best.

That Quaker Sharia bank in Istanbul was science fiction last I checked, but then science fiction differs from speculation and investment banking in degree, not in kind. That's if your science fiction is able to except a boost of science without breaking. In Martian Math, we talk about the S-to-F ratio (Science / Fiction).

Trucking Families