Wednesday, September 14, 2016


All the embedded slideshows in these blogs stopped working today.  I've found enough other Flickr users noticing the change to be sure it's not me.  It's the "show" feature itself that's broken, embedded or not.  Lets see if Flickr is responsive or knows how to fix its code.

Carol had her INR check today, a topic in the election, as Hillary (69) gets her INR checks as well.  Presidents typically have their health issues aired as that reminds people to pay attention to their own health.  We learned quite a bit about president Reagan's colon. Trump's stats at 70 remind me (58) I need to lose more weight.  Carol (87) needs to up her intake of kale a tad.

I recently put out another essay on Medium entitled Thinking Globally in 2016.  My purpose there was to update a small cabal of readers on some esoteric literature that deserves more peer review going forward, given how we may elect to shift more weight towards some of the technologies therein reviewed.

My diet relies a lot on pinto bean burritos I make myself, with raw onion and spinach, grated cheddar, and picante sauce.  I also gulp Soylent, a non-dairy "just add water" powdered food designed for geeks with limited time and/or cooking skills.  I like to think I do have at least some cooking skills, however the "limited time" label sometimes applies.

For exercise, I continue walking up Mt. Tabor many mornings.  Thanks to the bicycle, I'm also well positioned to circle around in Laurelhurst Park a few times, a pleasant up and down affair, something like the kiddy-coaster at Oak's Park. The beer is what makes me a bit of a fatso, though I've lost some since Lithuania.

Those following on Twitter know I'm eager to check out Hedron, a maker space, among other places, in follow-up to Maker Faire, part of PDX Maker Week.

Lindsey Walker (40+) whipped through on a tight schedule, heading from Kathmandu to OSU.  Joel was her greeter this time. My chauffeur duties have sometimes included meeting her plane or seeing her off.  Not this time.  Melody also stopped by briefly to say hello.

I picked up on the Susan Lindauer thread today and forwarded one of her early book tour videos to WILPF for evaluation.  Per her book, she was detained under the Patriot Act.  I've been reviewing a bunch of dot-connecting Youtubes many of my readers will likely already know about.

Top of the Pops

We get different inbox materials at different times in partially overlapping scenarios (to use some Buckyspeak).  CIA director Brennan was on CBS News tonight suggesting new leaks might be forthcoming soon.  Have people had time to digest what's already been leaked?  When did they find the time?

Lets hope the Flickr slide share API comes back to life.  That's been a really cool feature.