Saturday, February 20, 2016

Martial Arts Schools / Coding Dojos

Mel at Miller
:: mel @ miller ::

I tripped holding the dog this morning, or slipped, in the mud.

Dang, first day with these new Tactical brand trousers (got 'em in both black and tan), from Andy & Bax, local army surplus on Grand, across from Miller paint.

I've shopped at Andy & Bax before, getting into various paramilitary looks.

I'm eyeing a certain Boot Camp opportunity, plus the whole software developer community is already crazy with "coding dojos" and other talk of "kung fu" or is it "foo"?

The point being:  not my invention to inter-mix coding and mom & pop martial arts studios.

They co-exist in Portland, as a part of our demographic.

So my other point is my shopping is with a purpose.  I'm branding in a sensible way.