Saturday, February 07, 2015

Anaconda: A Fat Python for You

Steve Holden has been talking up Anaconda for months, but until I saw his short and sweet video about what it's good for, I have to say I was a bit slow on the uptake, even for me.

Sidebar:  "anaconda" as a word has been used to mean "constrictors" as a generic category, somewhat like "iterators" in Python, not a type or class per see, but supporting an interface or protocol.  However in modern usage the "anaconda" is more a specific species of snake, a constrictor, found in South America and zoos.  Not sure if they've made it to Florida yet.

In our Python ecosystem, Anaconda is like a "fat snake" already stuffed with 3rd party goodies.  A lot of the big name stars of the Python namespace you might have heard about.

Yes, it's somewhat "quick and dirty" to establish a giant outpost in storage with all this stuff, but that's the beauty of free software:  you can blow it away.  Save it to a memory stick.  Check into it again later.  Anyway, watch Steve's video if curious, and check his blog post.