Tuesday, July 22, 2014


:: me with sebastopol bosses ::

I chose the i18n tables both tutorial days at OSCON 2014.  I got to meet some of the principals behind interoperability in the realm of sharing medical data (clinical, not financial). I enjoyed the Alice in Wonderland effect of walking into my own textbook, in the sense that I teach TDD all day long (TDD = test driven development) and our whole table broke out into an in depth and extended discussion of how important testing is.  Such an immersive discussion; I mostly sat rapt.

Then my two bosses from Sebastopol came by and joined our table.  One of the Aegis guys graciously offered to take the above picture, me the mentor in the middle.  If my face looks a little smudged, it is, thanks to a smudge on my lens.  The verdict on the Coolpix S9300 is it's harder than my previous Coolpix to get not-blurry pix with (even minus the lens blemish, which I added somehow).  The reviews corroborate my experience.  I should invest in a next camera given I'm such an ardent user of said equipment.  My uploaded to date number well above 20K.

It looked to me like @tati_alchueyr sacrificed the knight on purpose, to give her pawn a way to reach the end and transform to a queen, game over.  This was in the Expo Hall, after the tutorials were all over.