Saturday, March 01, 2014

Catching Up

Lots going on.  I watched eXistenZ yet again, with SH and CP, LW drifting in and out, but then forgot to return it to Movie Madness.  I did that today, walking back by the Hawthorne Liquor Store, picking up vodka for me, gin for SH.   

Movie Madness had some oldster stars behind tables, selling souvenirs / memorabilia around the 38th anniversary of Carrie, with an exclusive engagement at The Hollywood Theater on Sandy tonight.  I was sorely tempted to go, believe you me, but it's one of the few DVDs I own and I'm on a budget, time/energy-wise.

Speaking of vodka, I listened in on some "over the fence" chatter (figuratively) regarding the situation in Ukraine, a major Python state.  UA.pycon has been on of the biggest [ cancelled in 2014! ].  US.pycon is not even technically within the 50 states this year or next, but the way I think of it, it's a suggestion to that population center (US) where to go (in Canada) for the Pycon in their area (but wouldn't Canadians go there too?).  I'd say CA.pycon is in Montreal this year, but that's not how it's seen:  a different management team plans each convergence.

It's more the Flying Circus model:  US.pycon is on tour in Canada, a new opportunity for Canadians, to have it close by.

Is there a RU.pycon?  Yes indeed, most certainly.  Russia is a Python state too.

Which topic brings me to NATO (one of my nicknames is "nato professor").  The Quaker meetinghouse was turned over last night to Veterans for Peace and fellow travelers, an inter-generational shindig twixt Vietnam vets and Gulf War vets, among others.  The public was welcome, and for them, the (Netflix-available?) Sir! No Sir! was recommended.

What's Roz Savage up to these days?  Talk about catching up... I should visit her web site.  We had dinner together once, she won't remember.  I was somewhat smitten, but then I'm prone to being smit (smited).

Segue from Smite:  that's what David Koski called "half-a-Mite" -- a pun.  The half-Mite or Smite is a shape at the root of a language game called space-filling with Archimedean honeycomb duals.

Lastly, Lindsey had on loan from her girlfriend Melody, an interesting compilation of Edgar Allen Poe stories on DVD, with young / original talent, including Jane Fonda.  Walker'd seen the first episode with Melody, the last three with me, leaving one left for me to catch up on before returning it to Multnomah County Library.

Jane's right up there with Sissy Spacek as one alluring / interesting babe, many vets would agree (of any gender); not that I'm a vet, though I've spent time on bases.  Ex-marine Gill Gilleland was my scuba trainer.  Another ex-Marine taught me roller blade skating when I was younger, Tom Connally my spirit guide.  Dave Fabik, a VietVet, member of Bridge City, read the welcome letter from our Portland Quaker meetings.

Princeton Club of Oregon.  I got to visit Julian Voss Andreae in his current studio, to converse about the octet-truss.  Way cool.  I'm grateful for these privileges and that's why I blog: to share my front row seat.  Check it out!

Happy Birthday Alexia!